Why Invest In The Garden City of India?

Bangalore has established itself as the Silicon Valley of India, housing more than 200 software companies. Be it for education or jobs, people are migrating to this city because of the vast opportunities and possibilities it holds. According to Forbes magazine, “Bangalore is one of the next decade’s fastest-growing cities”. This brings a huge advantage for investors to invest in the city and climb the ladder of growth.

Top software companies, like Infosys and Wipro, have set up headquarters in Bangalore and newer companies are following the trend. The popularity of “what” culture over “why” has created a surplus of ideas as well as investors, creating a space for enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.

What makes Bengaluru an ideal place?

  • The city is perceived to bear an expensive lifestyle, but that’s not entirely true. You will find plenty of places that offer quality lifestyle at an economical budget.
  • Travelling in Banglore is the easiest thing due to “Namma Metro” & BMTC’s excellent services. BMTC buses carry 43 lakh passengers every day. Although, traffic can be one big issue in the city.
  • The dosas of Bangalore are something to die for. Also, other regional food variety is easily available.
  • About the weather, well it’s Bangalore, enough said.
  • It’s impossible to talk about the Garden City without Cubbon Park. The huge space is spread across a hundred acre area with various species of plants and trees.
  • A lot happens over a cup of coffee in Bangalore. You will see CCD shops after every few blocks in the city. But still people are crazy fans of piping hot filter kaapi. The “by2” coffee is in demand here. Two cups for the price of One! At just Rs. 9, Hatti Kaapi offers a hot cup of South Indian coffee.

  • Karnataka ranks eighth in the ease of business ranking, thus making the capital city an ideal place for doing business.
  • Bangalore has also hugely inclined towards organic living. The city has organic hang out joints like the Yoga House. It also contains the organic shopping ranging from food to cosmetics & cloths.

Truly, Bangalore knows its way to healthy living. The street-walls are nicely painted which gives smaller details of the glorious heritage and culture of Bangalore along with providing employment to various artists. From youngsters to the foreigners who are working here, Bangalore has a place for all. Bangalore is truly cosmopolitan with around fourteen percent Telugites, twenty-five percent Tamilians, forty-eight percent Kannadigas, ten percent Keralites, eight percent Europeans, and six percent a mixture of all races.

Why Invest in the Garden City of India?

  • Silicon Valley of India

Being the IT hub and housing hundreds of software companies and flourishing startups, Bangalore promises huge opportunities for employment. IT sector is widely spread in major localities like Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, etc. This increases the housing demands and real estate market, making it a wise option to invest in the Garden city.

  • Plethora of Opportunities

Owing to the ideal weather and balanced lifestyle, Bangalore provides opportunities – be it for employment or education. It is not lies when over a crore people reside in the Silicon city of India. With the growth in IT market, areas close to them have steadily increased the demand for apartments for sale.

  • Housing Projects

With great diversity, comes a huge responsibility in designing the residential area. As the city is home to Indian citizens, NRIs, and foreigners altogether, there are top-notch residential projects turning houses to homes. DNR Corp has some lovely projects in the city boasting modern and efficient designs, an international standard and best-in-class specifications. These projects are meant to help in sucking up the projected population growth.

  • Promised ROI

Based on the increase in the IT market, areas close to them provide a steady and promised ROI on investing. Since there is huge housing and residential demand in areas like Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Electronic city and few of the North Bangalore areas, it will be profitable to invest in such locations.

In conclusion, Bangalore has become a petri dish for affordable housing schemes, employment opportunities, efficient waste management, world class infrastructure, an entertainment hub and thus, offer people a reason to migrate. Housing more than one crore people, this city has high demands in residential and housing. Renowned residential projects by DNR Corp have turned houses into homes for hundreds of families. All of these reasons make investing in real estate of Bangalore a profitable option.

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