Why ready to occupy apartments are gaining more traction in the market

Ready-to-occupy homes help with pre-EMI costs and provide tax benefits too!

Ready to occupy apartments are rapidly gaining more traction in the market with every passing day. The convenience that comes with a ready to occupy home is second to none and is one of the most important reasons for this rising trend.

Ready to occupy apartments are increasingly becoming popular amongst buyers

Here are the reasons why ready to occupy homes are the best in real estate:

1. What you see is what you get

  • The most important factor that prompts more and more buyers to choose ready-to-occupy apartments is that they can exactly see the homes as they are before purchasing them.
  • The quality of construction, finishing material used, the landscape, etc. can all be seen in person.
  • Unlike projects under construction where buyers can be misled by brochures and impressive project plans, ready-to-occupy properties enable buyers to see the properties firsthand before they make the decision.
  • This is one of the most important factors that prompts buyers to seek ready-to-occupy homes, for there is nothing stopping you from inspecting your new home yourself!

2. Do away with traveling costs

  • If you are shifting to a new place, taking over your possessions to your new home can be a major headache.
  • Traveling costs can be exorbitant in such cases.
  • Buying ready to occupy apartments might prove to be a better choice for buyers can simply shift into their new ready-to-occupy apartments that are already furnished with all amenities without having to worry about making arrangements with shifting and transport.

Ready-to-occupy homes help with pre-EMI costs and provide tax benefits too!

3. Save on pre-EMI costs and get service tax benefits

  • Another important advantage of ready-to-occupy properties is the pre-EMI cost.
  • When taking a property loan, choosing a ready-to-occupy apartment will help save the money spent on pre-EMI charges.
  • Finished, ready-to-occupy apartments also come with a completion certificate, which will help buyers in obtaining service tax benefits too.
  • Ready to occupy apartments help do away with indefinite waiting periods common to projects under construction

4. No waiting periods

  • Buyers are frequently faced with delays in delivery when the builder might not be able to complete the project within the deadlines promised.
  • The delivery of a ready-to-occupy home is immediate, on the other hand, which has made such properties an attractive option for buyers.
  • The other construction-related risks are also done away with when you choose a ready-to-occupy home over a project under construction.

5. See all amenities firsthand in ready to occupy apartments

  • Buyers can see all additional features and amenities such as the common areas, etc and inspect all facilities offered in a ready-to-occupy apartment (unlike a project under construction) before they purchase the property.
  • This makes the buying process much more cost-effective and transparent for buyers since they can actually see and inspect the amenities offered in the properties they are paying for rather than just speculating from the brochures and designs.

6. Get rental returns immediately

  • Buyers who wish to obtain rent from their properties can ideally invest in a ready-to-occupy home, for such properties can immediately be placed on rent.
  • Rental returns are thus immediate for such buyers when compared with projects still under development that yield returns at a later stage.

7. Do away with double payments

  • If you are already paying the rent of your home, buying an under construction project will lead to two monthly payments: the existing rent and the pre-EMI charges.
  • Read-to-occupy properties can help with the pre-EMI charges, thus preventing the hassles of double payments every month.

Putting strings together

Ready to occupy properties are quickly becoming the preferred choices amongst home buyers. A number of factors are responsible for this trend.

First and foremost, immediate delivery enables buyers to take possession of their homes immediately with a ready-to-occupy property, while projects under development frequently disappoint buyers with delays in delivery.

Another significant factor that drives consumers towards ready-to-occupy homes is the ability to see exactly what it is that they’re paying for unlike projects under construction, which can only be visualized from brochures and designs. Read-to-occupy properties, no doubt, have taken the real estate market by storm!

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