Tips to select the right neighbourhood for your new home

Look for easy access to public transportation-

When purchasing a new home, there are a lot of things to be considered. When you’re looking to buy a new home, you aren’t just considering investing in a home, you’re actually considering investing in an area. After all, you are probably going to choose a home that is close to your workplace, or close to schools, or maybe even nowhere near densely populated areas.

Therefore, when you are looking for a new home, you will also need to decide whether the neighbourhood suits your lifestyle. So how do you select the perfect neighbourhood for you? Here’s a list of tips for choosing the best neighbourhood to buy a new home:

1. Check out the nearby schools:

Having good schooling options in your neighborhood is a must, whether you’re already parents, expecting a child or neither. Having a few good schools in your neighborhood increases your probability of staying in the same home. It also impacts the value and price of your home, right now and in the future.

2.Survey your shopping and groceries options:

Make sure you know the distance from your home to the nearest supermarket/ local business. Drive/walk to the nearest shopping store and look around. Are there many vacant shops or are the businesses thriving?

Survey your shopping and groceries options-

Business owners (especially local business owners) prefer to open shop in a community where they get ample support from the local residents. You can also ask the local business owners of their opinion about the community. If they have been in business in the same place for many years, chances are they would have seen the good and bad of the neighborhood.

3. Look for easy access to public transportation:

Access to public transportation is a very important factor while choosing a locality to live in. It might not always be favorable to use personal transport. Not to forget, using public transportation will reduce our carbon footprint as well.

Look for easy access to public transportation-

The number of public transport options you can easily access from your home make a huge difference in selecting the right neighborhood. Analyzing the frequency of the pick-ups and drop-offs and the cost of the available public transport helps you reach a more informed decision.

4. Research about the crime statistics:

Do an in-depth research about the crime statistics in your desired neighborhood. The Internet is a good place to start looking up such kind of information. Find out your nearest local police station and ask them for crime information in your neighborhood to follow up with the online statistics. After all, one can never be too complacent when it comes to safety!

5. Monitor the property taxes in that area:

Tax information and rates vary from city to city and are available to the public very easily. Also, the assessed values for many properties are public knowledge. Make use of these resources to analyze the tax rate pattern for the homes in your neighborhood. Trends of increase or decrease in the tax rates can affect the monthly payments, so having an idea of the tax rate pattern in the past can help you predict how it might change in the future.

Monitor the property taxes in that area-

6. Appearance and feel:

Enough about crime statistics and tax rate patterns. What most people really want to know is what sort of quality of life we can expect in a neighborhood. The best way to do that is to become an expert on the neighborhood that interests you. Get a feel of the neighborhood by walking around, spending time in coffee shops and restaurants, and taking a stroll in the nearby park.

Take some time to see how well a neighborhood is maintained. Note whether the nearby streets are clean. Are there a lot of vacant properties or abandoned plots? These could be used for commercial purposes in the future, which could change the look and feel of the neighborhood.

Wherever you decide to purchase a house, just remember to pay attention to all the sounds, sights and even smells as you tour the area. But don’t go overboard worrying about the neighborhood you choose, because any neighborhood you buy into will eventually change whether you like it or not.

Every buyer will have their own opinion and thoughts on a neighborhood. We hope these tips will help you choose the right neighborhood when buying a home.